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by Kaja Kubicka

* Available on Amazon worldwide  US,  UK,  DE,  FR,  ESITNLJPINCABRMXAU

The China you haven’t seen before.

A glimpse into the fascinating lives of foreigners living in China’s megacity, Shanghai, attending an elite university. A world full of exciting opportunities, wild parties, racism and strict rules dictated by skin color. Where the hottest place in town opens at 5 am and foreigners get paid to lure rich Chinese businessmen into luxurious nightclubs.

‘I lived in Shanghai’ is a unique insight into modern-day China, a story about choosing an unconventional path in life and going after your dreams despite all the odds. Following a group of international students navigating the colorful community of Shanghai’s eccentric expats. Dealing with cultural conflicts, substance abuse, fake friendships and the constant struggle to live up to family expectations. Everything accompanied by the bright lights of China’s most exciting metropolis.

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Kaja Kubicka is the creator behind by Kaja 凯娅 YouTube channel. She grew up between Poland and Denmark, and spent her early 20s moving between Copenhagen, Shanghai, Bangkok and Paris.


At age 20, she moved to China to study at Fudan University, which led to her debut memoir ‘I lived in Shanghai’.


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